Babe to Bride's Must Have Wedding Photos

Photo by Emma Hopp

I don’t need to tell you how important your wedding photos are, so let’s get right into it. from the obvious—like pictures with mom and dad, the groom’s reaction to the bride walking down the aisle, etc.—here are some additional photo ideas you may want to ask your photographer for:

1. The invite or stationery suite

2. The lay-flat. Be sure to include any elements of your wedding that are special or meaningful. This can include vow books, flowers, accessories, your shoes, some sentimental items, the stationary suite, etc.

3. Guest welcome bags (if you have them)

4. The dress

5. The bridesmaids dresses

6. The dress AND the bridesmaids dresses (trust me here)

7. The bride and bridesmaids getting ready

8. The bride and bridesmaids in their robes or getting-ready gear

9. Any gifts for the bridal party

10. Popping the champagne or confetti cannons once you’re all dolled up

11. A quick “cheers” with the bridal party

12. Details, Baby! Shots of the boutonnieres, the bride and bridesmaids’ accessories, the really beautiful detailing on the dress, the shoes, the hand-me-down bracelet, your something borrowed, etc.

13. The rings by themselves, in their ring boxes and with the invites

14. Putting on the veil

15. Putting on the shoes

16. The bridal portrait

17. The most extra bridal portrait you can think of (think: pinterest-worthy)

18. The bouquet

19. The veil

20. The groom and groomsmen getting dressed

21. The groom’s portrait

22. The reactions of the bridal party seeing the bride/groom for the first time

23. The reactions of family members seeing the bride/groom for the first time

24. The father/bride first look

25. Right before the first look (if you’re doing one!)

26. First look

27. Flower girl, ushers, the officiant and anyone else in the wedding

28. Portraits of any loved ones who are celebrating in heaven

29. Fun photos with each member of the bridal party (don’t forget the serious ones, too!)

30. The ceremony/reception space before guests arrive

31. Any favors, sentimental items, and the décor

32. The table settings

33. The ceremony musicians

34. The guest book

35. Guests signing the guest book

36. Cocktail hour apps

37. The bride RIGHT before she walks down the aisle

38. The vows

39. The parents’ reaction to the bride walking down the aisle

40. The celebratory moment after the first kiss as husband and wife

41. The crowd’s reaction

42. The bride and groom walking down the aisle after they say “I do”

43. The bride and groom kissing at the end of the aisle

44. Your four-legged furry friend, if attending

45. The escort cards or seating chart

46. Signature cocktails (if you have any)

47. Bar and dessert signs

48. The ooey-gooey romantic shots

49. A super sensual shot (I mean, you are married now)

50. The behind-the-veil shot

BONUS – A quiet, candid moment when it’s just the two of you (it won’t happen for another few hours TBH)

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