It all started with a ring.

Hi, I'm Melena, founder and CEO of the Babe to Bride Box. 


I was just like you at one point.  Newly engaged, excited as all hell, and ready to PLAN.  The first thing I did (well, after calling and texting my favorite people, toasting to our new chapter, and posting about my engagement on Instagram) was purchase one of those subscription boxes.  I was just so excited, I wanted something to make it official.

And then the first box came.  I couldn't have been more disappointed.  It was all junk!  Nothing was useful, or personalized, or anything worth keeping.  This became an un-fun ritual.  Each month I'd get a box o' crap that I'd have to pawn off on other people or (gasp) throw away.  

That's where this idea came from---create a beautiful subscription box for soon-to-be brides that would:

  1. Have useful and thoughtfully curated items that wouldn't end up in the trash

  2. Be unique (compared to other subscription boxes)

  3. Be so Insta-worthy, a girl can't help but post about it

And so, the Babe to Bride Box and brand were born.  I want it to be a great resource for my future brides and a one-stop-shop for all things wedding-related.  I hope you find it as fun and exciting as I do.

All my love, 



Our wedding photos are by Emma Hopp.  She's insanely talented and you should check her out.